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Last News

Vivienne Westwood for Virgin

Atlantic Uniform Launch

Vivienne Westwood has redesigned the full range

of uniforms for the 7500 members of staff working

Richard Branson's airline.

Cathay Pacific unveils New Livery.

Cathay Pacific unveiled a new livery Sunday morning during a ceremony in Hong Kong. 

Top Stories

Formula One race car takes on F-18 Hornet fighter...

synergies between Air Force and Formula One were highlighted when Red Bull Racing brought their Formula One (F1) demonstration car and driver.


Full re...

50 years serving European cooperation and innovati...

2014 is a special year: the space community is celebrating the anniversary of the construction of Europe as a space power and 50 years of unique achie...

Drones to inspect damaged planes.

A British airline is investigating the use of drones to inspect planes which may have been damaged after flying into birds or being hit by lightning....

A Flight with Red Arrows

REDS 3 - Launching in July 2014 - A brand new 3D in cockpit film shot on location in Cyprus in May 2014 showing highlights of the Red Arrows 50th anni...

Tripoli Airport: Libyan plane explosion " Afriqiya...

The Health Ministry said the Libyan More than 47 people were killed in a week of fighting in the Tripoli International Airport. 

The Ministry of Health...

Measuring ESA's IXV spaceplane

ESA's Intermediate eXperimental Vehicle, IXV, is tilted and turned along and around all three axes at ESA's Technical Centre, ESTEC, in the Netherland...

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Test Pilots Provide Inside Look at F-35

F-35 Test Pilots provide an inside look at the F-35's unprecedented capabilities using the F-35 full scale model at the 2014 Farnborough International...

Farnborough Airshow (Day 3 with Airbus)

Airbus Direct reports from the 2014 Farnborough International Airshow's third day, highlighting new commercial agreements and other announcements duri...

Best of Farnborough Airshow 17th of July

Another exciting day at the airshow: UK Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg visits A400M, Eurofighter flight display, amazing views from inside the A400M...

Farnborough Airshow (Day 5)

This special edition of Airbus Direct highlights flight presentations performed during the Farnborough International Airshow's fifth day, with an emph...

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Emirates reveals

"United for Wildlife"

With A380 

Emirates has revealed its first Airbus A380 wearing special livery in support of United for Wildlife, a global collaboration that unites the efforts of ....


Venus Express plunging into the atmospher.

After eight years in orbit, ESA's Venus Express has completed routine science observations and is preparing for a daring plunge into the planet's hostile atmosphere.

Special guided tour through

brand-new Lufthansa 747-8


Before flying the 1500th Boeing home to FRA, Vice President of Flight Operations and B747-8 captain Uwe Strohdeicher gave us an exclusive tour through our newest B747-8




The Royal Air Tatto 2014

Here you will find  news about

of the best 

event for military aviation



The Concorde supersonic

airliner's magnificent past...


Early Concorde takes

its place in new Airbus...

Airbus' presence is headlined by members of the world's most modern and comprehensive widebody product line

Dubai International, the second busiest airport for international passenger traffic.



Dubai International

confirmed as world's....


Other News

Farnborough Airshow 2014

Before Opening (Airbus)




Aviation Tv  Team.


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